Adding a blog post

In this video we walk through adding a blog post to your Wordpress website. If there's something you'd like to add to this then please write in the comments below.

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Improve site success with a clear CALL TO ACTION

If you don't give your website visitors some clear instruction on what action you'd like them to take then you're reducing your chances of getting a good response rate. Here's a few examples of good CALL TO ACTION that will hopefully get you thinking about how to...

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Using Plugins

Plugins can be used to massively increase the functionality of your Wordpress website. But they can also be a bit of a headache to manage, especially if you have a wide choice of plugins to choose from. In this section we'll be looking at: Choosing the right plugins...

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SEO for WordPress

Search Engine Optmisation (or SEO) take a bit if getting used to. There's no longer such a thing as just adding a few metatags to a site and expecting the visitors to come in droves. These days you have to be a little bit smarter and have a more consistent approach....

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The 3 Key Things Your Website Needs!

Here we explain the three essential things that your website needs (this also applies to all of your marketing) : If you have a question or there's something that you'd like to know about using Wordpress then please leave us a message in...

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Getting started with WordPress Owners Club

Well we've decided to build the Wordpress Owners Club. The rationale is that many of our business colleagues have Wordpress sites but they're mostly non-techie so struggle to get the best out their websites. So, we'll be writing stuff regularly about this project and...

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